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    Adam West on the set of Batman (1966)
    Photo by Richard Hewitt for Look Magazine 

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    Marvel Superhero Portraits by Mike Mitchell / Tumblr / Store

    Part of the Mike Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo, opening April 25th 2014, at the Mondo Gallery / Tumblr.

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    "Do not ignore it. Fuck it. Cry your heart out. Then fuck it some more."
    - Charles Bukowski

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    Fancy a pint? -B

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    “Ghost Photographs” by Angela Deane

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    PETER & GWEN (1970)
    By John Romita Sr. & Jim Mooney

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    list of things we could do if you were here right now:

    • cuddle
    • make out
    • fall asleep in each others’ arms
    • make out more

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